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PIRILTI PLASTIC. and DIS. TIC. LTD. ŞTİ. Our country recognized stamp-sequined industry very closely and intensively used as a stamp-sequined Our more than 20 years in the textile industry firsts and has pioneered. 

Scales to produce painted as the first and only manufacturer that we‘re the most important feature of our and of Anatolia started in many appeals, but exports also been a pioneer and Syria, like Iran a very Arab countries sent to the product brand to be achieved, and always preferred the company became television. 

PIRILTI PLASTIC glitter flakes produced by the vote, especially in textiles and flowers, with wide applications in the construction of a sector that has been addressed. 

Plastic sheen to customers outside of manufacturing in order to be better addressed with his italat pearls, half pearls, acrylic beads, acrylic stones, standing stones, straz ribbons, beads curtain, offers a wide variety. 

PIRILTI PLASTIC glimmer of success today with high quality products and customers for years, continues to be the result of close co-operation has a solution-oriented company culture.